Who Am I

I am a Professional Makeup Artist located in New York.

Born and raised in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Trilingual in English, French and Italian.


Although my passion for makeup started at a young age I

didn’t really know for sure that was my path… until… I took the MakeupDesignory Master Program on Wall street in NY.


Like many others artists out there, I started looking for makeup

artists that would inspire me.


Always fascinated by the film and television industry, 

I tried to find the Makeup Artists who truly inspired me the most, such as... Lisa Eldridge,Wayne Goss, Rick Backer, Ve Neill, Natalie Cosco etc..

My passion and continued growth isn’t only in the realm of makeup, but truly driven by art and colors, creativity, imagination, passion for painting, and sculpting.


The feeling that I have with makeup is that, it’s so versatile,

you can do anything and be anybody you want to be.